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Global Unified Breathing an enlightening and life affirming experience. Your Breath can communicate a love language, our goal is to breath us into and onto a path of goodwill and peace

God is the Breath of Life

Just think we were all born with the ability to change our world and the way we interact with each other. And when we change our world, we just might want to participate in changing the world around us. The Power of the Breath, is a direct gift from God, Source.

Did you know all living beings Breath, why is it that our creator gave us this blessed gift? It’s like a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Breath is not just for our own Awakening it’s the map to greater freedom, global freedom, unified freedom.

There’s a miraculous event that happens when we learn how to Breath, we eventually will experience being breathed, this is where you become totally aware you are not doing the breathing. I know for me this was so bizarre because know one prepared me for what was about to happen, just by breathing. So its not so much about the technique is about finding the universal rhythm of your breath, there’s a rhythm that comes from source, that is the moment of unifying, we are all breathing the same air. This rhythm comes with the full power of love from the heart of God. Once we are breathing in God and with God. We can focus this breath unifying and holding a focus, we can unify along the currents of air ,time and space and chose to send this breath of the most highest frequency of Eternal peace and Divine love.



The purpose of breathwork is more than just a personal clearing

The breath can unlock the unconscious mind where those persistent self-defeating ,hidden thoughts that rule our worlds existThen the journey continues with the opening of the super conscious mind. Once we learn how to Breath, we are given a Divine gift of Breath that unlock us from all those illusions. We can than expand our energy field out with all the LOVE coming direct from Source.

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Paula Rowe

Paula Rowe is a certified Breath worker.  She has trained with and assisted Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International) in and out of this country.  Paula also trained with ​Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationship Training Program, where she became a very successful teacher, transformational coach, and lecturer.