Are you ever short of breath ? or out of breath.? Did you know your breath can relieve you of the moments that the stress of the day or the thought of the hour has disrupted moments, Because it’s given to us to remember and to practice and a real sense of re-remembering that we are the breath of God. Did you know that a purpose of the Breath is to help us to open our hearts, I learned that the breath on the inhale massages the heart , flowing around it , caressing it. Soothing your heart. The purpose of this navigation is to get everyone of us to open our hearts. Also, once we understand proper breathing and purpose full Breathing .I Have of felt that when we are little we should be shown how to breath. Collectively we would not be a species who stress levels are off the charts. But there are reasons for this. We collectively to wake from the slumber.

Breath can communicate a love language, because with breathwork ,using your breath to heal and help rid of toxins in the mind, body and spirit ,The purpose of Breathing is to unlock the secrets of the breath. The breath can unlock the super conscious mind. Once we learn how to breath, we were given a divine gift of breath to unlock us from all illusions. We were given a divine gift of breath to expand our energy field out with all the love coming direct from source. There’s a miraculous event that happens when we learn how to breath, we eventually will experience being breathed, where you become total y aware you are not doing the breathing. I know for me this was so bizarre because know one prepared me for what was about to happen, just by breathing. So its not so much about the technique is about finding the universal rhythm of your breath, there’s a rhythm that comes from source, that is the moment of unifying, we are all breathing the same air. This rhythm comes with the full power of love from the heart of god. Once we are breathing in God and with god. We can focus this breath unifying and holding a focus, and along the currents of air ,time and space chose to send this breath of the most highest frequency of eternal peace and divine love.

This wonderful, expansive state can be for some of us a re-remembering state .if you decide to use this as a healing , all memories and unwanted beliefs, anything which does not honor your path . will surface to be released. The more dishonoring thoughts beliefs systems that are removed from the cellular structure of the body, the more of the divine plan in you is revealed, and your true nature is revealed, we see everything through the eyes of a light being not on a planet of free will , but a planet of divine will.
Divine will is oneness, and unifying all, there is a blueprint inside you , land the breath is a navigation tool.
So, for just a moment lets breath together.

Let’s make something beautiful together.